Party Bus Ideas for Adults

Roll with the Fun!

You have been waiting for this day for weeks. You all go out because you have a big party with your best friends. Unfortunately, there are so many of you, that you all have to travel in separate cars. Do you think so? It can be easier to bring just one bus. And bring the party to the bus. Hiring a party bus to get around town can be easy. There are plenty of fun party bus ideas to make the trip more enjoyable. If you are looking for party bus entertainment, you have come to the right place. When you hire a party bus you must need to know how to entertain your guests.

1- Party Bus Themes

A party bus theme makes your day even more special. Think about what the guest likes, and do it all. You can also have a cool theme on the party bus. Here are some cool ideas.

Decades: You can travel back in time with themes like the ’70s, ’80s, or ’90. Dress up like people did in those years and play their music.

Sports: If you love sports then have a sports theme. Bring your favorite team’s gear, and you can play sports trivia or watch a game.

Disco: Turn the party into a disco dance-off with funky music and groovy outfits.

Masquerade: Wear masks and fancy clothes, like you’re at a mysterious ball.

Superheroes: Be a hero for the day and dress like your favorite superhero.

2- Decorate the Bus

Decorating a party bus can be a lot of fun. If you have a party theme then decorate the bus accordingly. You can make special decorations for birthday parties or bachelorette parties. Use colorful lights that match your theme. You can choose LED lights or disco lights. In fact, you can hang colorful string lights inside the bus to make it look like a big party. 

It is an inexpensive way to create a fun vibe by adding a balloon. You can also get custom flags to make the bus special. So, make a few decorations and some cool favors. 

3- Board Games And Cards

One of the fun party bus ideas is board games and cards. There are plenty of games to keep everyone entertained. You can do a lot of interesting things with just 52 cards. Some other games like UNO, and Bingo are also good options. Playing games on the party bus is a great way to make sure everyone has fun and enjoys their ride.

4- Create a Dance Concert

You create a dance competition in your schools to have a fun. But you ever think about the dance concert in bus. The dance concert on the party bus is perfect for larger groups. If you have a special theme for your party, you can create a musical soundtrack according to your bus theme. So, if you get a seat on the bus, it is a great way to make your celebration more enjoyable.

5- Karaoke Concert

Music makes your party amazing and enjoyable. And singing karaoke can make it even better. You can even do it as a group to have fun with your friends. Just divide your friends into teams. Each team picks a song they like and practices. If your party has a special theme then choose songs accordingly. For example, if it is a classic theme then pick songs from that time.

6- Telephones

If you are looking for some fun party bus ideas then this game is for you. You sit in a row with your friends, like on a couch. The person in front whispers a message to the person sitting next to him. The person then whispers a message to the other person and so on. The last person speaks the message out loud, often in a very different tone than the first message.

party bus inside

7- Statues

Playing with statues on a party bus can be loads of fun. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Pick someone to be the statue master. This person gives orders to the other players.
  • Everyone else becomes statues. When the statue master says “statue” all the other players freeze and stand as still as they can.
  • The statue master can give commands like “Statue of a superhero” or “Statue of a tree” Everyone has to quickly freeze in the pose of the command.
  • If a player moves or laughs, they are out of the game. The last player left standing wins the game.
  • You can take turns being the statue master so everyone gets a chance to have fun.

8- Two Truths and a Lie

Playing two truths and a lie on a party bus is a great way to know your friends better. Here is how this game plays.

  • Sit in a circle with your friends.
  • Each person takes a turn sharing three things about themselves. Two are true and one is a lie.
  • Others guess which statement is the lie.
  • The person sharing reveals the lie. If someone guessed right then they get a point.


9- Refreshments

When booking a party bus, ask first if drinks are included. Otherwise, bring your own snacks. On the bus side, select only small objects to eat. Arrange for two meals per guest. Make sure you have enough drinks available. I think two per person for the first hour and one every hour after is a good option. But you can plan or customize for yourself.

20 passenger party bus with pole

10- What is in the bag

Playing “What’s in the Bag” is a fun game. Especially for a bus full of women. Here’s how you can play it.

  • The host makes a list of things you’d normally find in a purse. Like lipstick and keys.
  • The host reads out the list, one item at a time.
  • The women on the bus check their purses to see if they have the item.
  • If someone finds the item then their team gets a point.
  • The team with the most points wins.

11- Singing Time

A fun party bus idea is to have singing competitions. You can divide your friends into groups. Each group learned a different song. Then, they compete to see who sings best. Teams can choose their favorite songs and have a friendly competition. It’s like having your own music competition on wheels. Enjoy music with your friends.

12- Story Telling

Get some books and have everyone read a special part. After reading, everyone makes a guess to figure out which book that passage comes from. It is like a fun guessing game with books. It good idea for adults. Because it entertains and learns new things from different books. 

Party Bus Outfit Ideas

If you are going on a party bus then it’s fun to pick the perfect outfit. Here’s a list of the best party bus outfit ideas for adults.

Casual Cool

Comfortable Footwear

Dressed Up

If you planning for some memorable gathering with your friends then you must make a list of some fun party bus ideas. With the right party bus, you can enjoy any occasion. So, do not miss out on the chance to make your gathering memorable.