how much is a party bus

A party bus is a large bus that may be converted into a celebration space. It has the whole thing you want to have an awesome time. Most people’s main subject while renting a party bus is price. At Grandeur Limousines, we collaborate with hundreds of companies across America to offer luxury cars  With so many options to be had, bus prices still need to be clarified. You might be questioning, how much is a party bus in 2023? Well, let’s discover in this blog. Here are some figures for rent depending upon the size of the buses.

Party Bus Size

Weekday Hourly Rate

Weekend Hourly Rate

Small (10 to 20 Passengers)

$200 to $260

$200 to $280

Mid  (20 to 30 Passengers)

$270 to $310

$270 to $330

Large  (40 to 50 Passengers)

$350 to $425

$350 to $450

How To Calculate the Price of Your Rental

A party bus rental’s price is determined by a number of important aspects. The specifics, such as bus size and length of the trip. It also depends on the luxuries provided and peak times. All affect how much is a bus. The following are some of the most important factors to think about.


1- Bus Size

The size of the party bus is the most important thing. For a smaller bus that can fit 10 to 20 people, it usually starts at $200 to $260 for every hour you use it. A bit bigger bus, for 20 to 30 people, costs around $270 to $310 per hour. If you want a really big bus for 40 to 50 people, it’s usually between $350 and $425 per hour.

It is important to choose the right bus size for your group so that everyone can have fun. If you want a good deal. Try to fill all the seats. As a result, sharing costs and friendships can reduce costs per person.


2- Time of Year

The time of the year for your party bus re­ntal can significantly impact the price. Spring and summer are peak seasons for events like proms, graduations, and weddings. It means higher demand for party buses. Consequently, Saturdays tend to be more expensive due to the abundance of wedding cele­brations.

Party bus prices vary depending on the month. Typically, demand is lowe­r during the winter months from January to April. This prese­nts an opportunity to find special deals and save 10-30% on re­ntal prices. On the other hand, between July and Dece­mber (excluding wee­kends in Decembe­r), prices generally tend to be more affordable.


3- Amenities of Party Bus Rental

Another important issue in cost is amenities. A basic party bus can just have leather seats and a television. It has also an auxiliary sound system. Dance floors, Bluetooth audio, and captain chairs are also available. This is why top-party bus rental companies charge $100 per hour or more than basic versions. Determine which amenities you will require for your event. Do not pay extra charges if you’ll never use it.


4- Distance and Duration of your Trip

The distance and duration of your trip an important factors when it comes to how much a party bus costs. If you take the bus, the price usually covers a journey of 50-150 miles from the starting point of the bus. However, if your journey is longer, you may have to pay an additional fee for each kilometer over that limit. This can range from $2 to $5 per mile. Well, that depends on company and state law.

party bus rental in US


5- Type of Events

If you de­sire to rent this bus for special e­vents such as weddings, proms, or graduations during the bustling spring and summe­r months. Then cost may be 10-30% higher due­ to high demand. Additionally, weeke­nd rentals particularly on Saturdays, often come at a pre­mium since they are in high de­mand. However, for those who want affordable prices, it is advisable­ to book from Sunday to Thursday. These time slots can help individuals save money on their party bus experience.


6- Gratuity

People usually pay 10-20% of the driver’s fare. So if a bus ride costs $400 then a good deal would be $60 to $80.Some companies include this in their prices while others do not. You need to ask first to find out if something is included or not. Because we are an advertising agency that works with party bus manufacturers. Each of these has a specific structure. Just ask before you plan anything.


How Can You Save Cost on Your Party Bus Rental

If you’re looking to save money when renting a party bus, here are some tips:

  1. Share the Cost: To save money when renting a  bus, ask your friends to help pay. Sharing the cost with your friends makes it more affordable for everyone. So you can all have a great time on the party bus without breaking the bank.
  2. Avoid Peak Times: Renting a bus on a weekday or during the day might be more budget-friendly. This way, you can have a fantastic time on a party bus without spending too much of your money.
  3. Ask About Packages: Different bus companies have special packages that give you discounts for specific events. These packages can help you save money on your party bus rental.
  4. Plan Ahead: If you book your bus ahead of time then you can get a better price. Planning early can save you money and make sure you have a  bus ready for your special day. So, remember to book in advance for a great deal.
  5. Skip Extra Features: To save money, you can skip the extra fun features and go for a basic party bus.


So, how much is a party bus rental in 2023? It can vary from city to city. But you can find one that fits your budget. Just remember to plan ahead and compare prices. Also, share the cost with your friends to make it more affordable. Party buses are an awesome way to have a super fun time with your pals on the move. If you want a ride with your special ones on our party buses. Just get the Quotation now. Have fun!