Limo Etiquette

It is very important to consider certain etiquettet standard prior hiring a limo for your special event or occasion. The following guidelines not only show respect for the limo company and driver, but also for your fellow passengers. To enjoy a satisfying and luxurious experience with Grandeur Limousines, here are some do’s and don’ts when riding in a limo.

Do's when Riding in a Limo

1. Be punctual: Plan to arrive at the selected pick-up location a few minutes early to avoid any delays. Keeping the driver waiting can lead to unnecessary stress and inconvenience for everyone.


 2. Treat the limo with care: Limousines are vehicles of luxury and should be treated as such. Avoid eating, smoking, or engaging in any activities that could potentially damage the interiors or leave unpleasant odors. 


3. Communicate your preferences in advance: Whether you have specific music preferences or temperature requirements, it is best to communicate these to the limo company ahead of time. This allows them to make necessary arrangements to ensure your comfort.


 4. Be respectful to the driver: Remember that the limo driver is a professional providing you with a service. Treat them with respect and courtesy. If you have any special requests, ask politely and they will be more than happy to assist you.


 5. Keep the noise level down: While it is understandable that you may be excited or celebrating, be mindful of the noise level inside the limo. Consider the comfort of other passengers and avoid excessively loud conversations or music.

Don'ts when Riding in a Limo

1. Exceed the passenger limit: Limousines have a set passenger limit for safety reasons. Do not try to squeeze in extra people beyond the designated capacity. This can lead to discomfort and potentially violate legal regulations. 

2. Damage the limo interiors: Limousines often have exquisite leather upholstery and delicate features. Avoid any activities that could lead to scratches or tears in the seats, carpets, or other surfaces.


3. Consume illegal substances or excessive alcohol: It is important to remember that limo companies have a strict policy against possession or consumption of illegal drugs. Furthermore, excessive alcohol consumption may lead to disruptive behavior, which is not appreciated by the driver or other passengers.

Leave behind personal belongings: Before exiting the limo, ensure that you have taken all your personal belongings with you. Double-check for any items you may have brought, such as bags, jackets, or valuables.

. Argue or negotiate prices with the driver: Avoid haggling over prices or arguing with the limo driver. The pricing is set by the limo company and it is best to address any concerns or grievances directly with them after the ride.

By following these simple manners, you can verify a smooth and enjoyable experience when riding in a limo with Grandeur Limousines. Remember, treating the limo and the driver with respect makes the journey more pleasant for everyone involved. So sit back, relax, and let Grandeur Limousines provide you with a luxurious and memorable ride.