20 passenger party bus

20 passenger party bus

About 20 Passenger Party Bus

The party bus is this bus that they transformed into a fun place to have parties. They have a dance floor and music playing. You can even get drinks at the bar and enjoy the disco lights. It’s perfect, for any occasion like birthdays or weddings. If you are thinking about renting a 20-passenger party bus there are a few things you need to consider. First, figure out what kind of party bus suits your preferences. You’ll find different types available that range from simple to fancy. 

Grandeur Limousine has the widest network of party bus transportation services. Our fantastic and comfortable party bus for 20 people certainly brightens up your event. We make your party super awesome.

Throwing a bash with your crew is an experience that will stick with you for a while. Opting for a 20-passenger party bus is a way to have a blast, with your buddies and loved ones. It’s like having a moving party with music. You can groove to the beats on the bus. Engage in games. The best part is you can go wherever you please during the ride. It’s perfect, for celebrating birthdays, graduations and even family get-togethers. Just make sure to enjoy yourselves and stay safe throughout the journey.

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Benefits of Renting a 20-Passenger Party Bus

Renting a party bus for 20 passengers can be an excellent choice for various occasions. Here are some of the benefits.

Travel Together

You can create a lot of amazing memories when you travel together as a group. It is the biggest advantage of renting a party bus for 20 people. You do not have to worry about splitting into multiple cars. Everyone can enjoy the journey as a group. Your whole group can easily adjust on the bus.


When you plan for a party with your group,  transportation is the main topic of discussion. You all want a comfortable ride. Then a party bus is the best option for you. It is convenient because the bus comes to your door. You do not have to go to a specific place to hire a ride. The bus picks you up and drops you where you need to go.

Professional Drivers

When you ever plan with your group to travel then everybody thinks who will drive the car? When you rent a party bus, you do not need to have a driver among your friends. The professional bus driver takes care of getting you to your destination safely. You just have to enjoy your memorable time with your friends.

Customizable Experience

You can customize the party bus experience according to your mood and friends’ demands. You can pick your favorite music to listen. And make the lights bright or dim to make it attractive. You can bring your own tasty snacks and drinks to enjoy. It is all about having things your way.

Dance and Fun

Inside a 20-passenger party bus, you can dance and have fun with your buddies. You and your friends can dance to the music and play fun games. It is like your own dance floor that moves with you. So, get ready to dance and have a great time on your private dance floor.

Privacy on 20-passenger Party Bus

Privacy is the main concern in group travel because you want to make it memorable for you. Party bus provides privacy for your group that you cannot get on public transportation or not even in separate cars. You can enjoy your time without worrying about strangers around you. You can talk and play without any interruptions. It is like having your own private space. It makes your journey more enjoyable and personal. So, relax and have fun without any worries.

Explore Multiple Locations

If you are planning to visit multiple places in one day, a party bus makes it easy. You can easily move from one spot to another without the trouble of parking or searching for transportation. The bus drops you right at each place. So you do not waste time or stress about where to park. It is a smooth and convenient way to explore different places.


It is a budget-friendly choice If you share the price of a party bus with your group. Each person pays a smaller amount, which makes it affordable for all. You can save money on parking fees, and other expenses associated with driving separately. So, renting a 20-passenger party bus can be wallet-friendly for all of you guys.

How Much is a 20-passenger Party Bus Rental?

The cost of a party bus varies in several ways. Some companies are charged per hour, while others are charged per person. It all depends on the journey, the event, and the duration of the trip. We charge from $200 to $260 per hour. Click on this link to fill out the form and get the best prices. 

Party Bus for Special Occasions

Birthday Parties

A party bus is a great place to celebrate a birthday party. You can invite all your friends, and you can have a special birthday celebration on the bus. Imagine singing “Happy Birthday” with all your friends on a moving party bus. Yeah, It is an amazing experience.

Prom Nights

For a super special night like prom, a party bus is an excellent choice. You and your friends can ride to the prom venue in style. You can dance and enjoy the music on the way. It’s a night you’ll never forget.

Wedding Parties

Weddings are a big deal, and you can make them even more special by renting a party bus for your wedding party. It’s a stylish way to get to the wedding venue and have a blast with your wedding party.

Family Reunion

Family reunions can be so much fun on a party bus. You can gather your family members and have a great time together while exploring your town. It’s an excellent way to bond and create family memories.