Create unforgettable experience with our Party Bus Rental!

The perfect way to make your special event one to remember is with our party buses. You can hire our party bus for a night, a day, or a weekend if you are with a group. It could be a wedding, prom, or birthday party. All of our Party Bus Rental fleets can accommodate 14 to 50 passengers, making them perfect for your upcoming event. Your group will arrive safely and on time with our friendly and experienced drivers. Get ready to have the time of your life with our party buses.

What is a Party Bus?

A party bus is a big vehicle for group celebrations. It’s like a party venue on wheels, equipped with music systems, colorful lights and comfortable seats. It’s the perfect way to make your special occasion more memorable and unique. Party Buses are also a great way to make transportation fun and easy. People rent party buses for their special occasions like birthday celebrations and weddings.

Inside a Party Bus

When you step inside a limo you will find a whole world of excitement and luxury. Let’s explore what you can expect to see inside.

Premium Seating

Inside the party bus, comfortable and luxurious seats are set in order to stress-free ride for you. You can relax on the bus whenever you come from busy and tiring meetings. You can enjoy your ride in a comfortable space.

Lighting System

The interior is illuminated with colored LED lights. The lighting system also changes the vibe with the music, creating a visually exciting environment for the overall party vibe. You can show off your dances in these disco lights.

Sound System

Music is what brings life to the party bus. The speakers transform the bus into a moving nightclub delivering crystal-clear audio. The tunes ignite dance sessions. Contribute to the lively atmosphere.

Dance Floor

Our party buses come with a dance floor that encourages passengers to show off their dancing skills. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding or any other special event the dance floor becomes the center of attention providing a place, for carefree movement and pure enjoyment.

party bus with pole

Dance Poles

You can have a party on the wheel with our party bus with a pole. We designed our party bus to have everything you need to throw a great party, from dance poles to a bar. If you can make it unforgettable, why settle for the standard? Just book our pole party bus and get ready to make memories of a lifetime.

HD flat-screen TV

Our party bus rental comes with a notch flat-screen television. The big crisp display adds a lot of energy, to the ambiance. Visitors can have a time watching their TV series, music videos or even a compilation of unforgettable memories. 


Tinted windows offer a sense of privacy enabling passengers to enjoy their celebration without any disruptions. This feature adds a touch of exclusivity to the party bus experience. It makes the party more immersive.


Gaming System

Inside the party bus, there is a gaming system that ensures everyone has a great time. The gaming setup adds a level of excitement, to the journey. Guests can indulge in their video games. Engage in friendly competitions with each other. This gaming system guarantees entertainment, for people of all ages making the party bus a vibrant and enjoyable environment.

Soda with Ice

Our party bus rental service goes above and beyond by adding cool and refreshing options. We offer onboard amenities filled with ice. This will keep your drinks cold during the journey. It is our way of making your journey and we’ll bring something fun to your celebration. You can have unforgettable moments on our party bus.

Party Bus with Bathroom

Renting a party bus with a bathroom gives you and your group a convenience unlike any other.  It is very handy if you plan a long trip with your family or friends to avoid multiple stops. It’s dangerous because you have to stop for so long at rest stops. Sometimes these stops are unclean and unsafe. These buses are a great way to travel in luxury and comfort. It is perfect for many occasions like weddings and prom nights. Moreover, you can utilize party buses for birthday celebrations and corporate events. This makes your trip luxurious and memorable. During travel, you do not have to bother about finding the bathroom.

Events for Renting a Party Bus

christmas lights

Christmas Light Tours

It’s time for the Christmas Lights Party Bus Tour. You can go out with friends or family to see all of the Christmas holiday lights around your area with our party bus rental. It’s easy to see it all when you take a party bus. From a drive through the most decorated neighborhoods to an evening in your famous town. You remember this ride for a long time, I guarantee it.

happy wedding couple


You can rent a wedding party bus from Grandeur Limousine for a first-class and luxurious transportation experience that will make your wedding day and the bachelor party even more special. You can take a wedding party bus after your reception to your special wedding night destination or you can even go straight to the airport to start your honeymoon the next morning.

prom party

Prom Night

Many high school students look forward to prom night and everyone wants to arrive in style for this event. You can add excitement and style to prom nights by renting a party bus. During the ride, you can dance with your friends to booming music. This spacious interior creates lasting memories on the way to and from prom night. 

New Year Eve celebration

New Year Eve

It’s the biggest party night of the year. Let’s celebrate all the adventures of 2023 and welcome in 2024. Dress up at your best! Let’s open some bottles and party. Take a look at the dazzling fireworks. Enjoy the party with your friends. The best part is no one has to worry about drinking and driving. Everyone can cheer and have fun.

birthday celebration

Birthday Celebration

It’s the perfect way to make that once a year event even more special with a Birthday Party Bus Rental. Get all the guests together with the birthday boy or girl. Celebrate another year gone by in the most luxurious bus. The newest fleet of party buses for a birthday party rental with all the luxury and convenience options.

sporting events transportation

Sporting Events

You can see a sports game in style by renting a party bus. It can be a great way to have an amazing time and cheer on your favorite team. You know there is a lot of traffic on the roads on match day. It is not quite easy to move easily through the roads. Our party buses are the best option for sporting event transportation.


Teenage Party Bus Activities

Party bus rentals are a great way for teens to celebrate special occasions. We pick you up from your destination and drop you off safely where you want. The best part of a teenage party bus is that you can do multiple enjoyable activities to make your ride memorable. Here are some activities or fun ideas.

  • Karaoke: There’s nothing better for teens than Karaoke. You can choose from a variety of songs on a karaoke machine.
  •  Dance Party: Get the party started with a dance party. You can bring your favorite playlist to make your dance moves awesome..
  • DJ. Games:  There are lots of games you can play on the party bus. The most popular games include trivia, charades, and painting.
  • Movie Night: If you are looking for a more relaxed activity, you can show a movie on a party bus. Be sure to choose a movie that your teen and their friends will enjoy.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Conduct a scavenger hunt for your guests to complete while they drive the bus. This is a great way for guests to interact and have fun.
  • Set clear expectations:  Before the party, talk to your teen about the rules and expectations for the event. This includes things like what time the party will start and end. And what kind of behavior is expected. Also, set the consequences will be if the rules are broken.

Party Bus for Kids

Are you planning a memorable and exciting party for your kids? You don’t have to look any further than a party bus for kids if you are looking for fun. Your kids are in safe hands and further you can customize the theme of the bus according to the preference of your children. Also, we provide different entertainment options to engage your kids like dance floors and gaming options.  It is also a budget-friendly and great opportunity for taking luxurious pictures.  Before renting a bus you must know the size of the party the number of kids, the type of event and your budget.