Rolling Into Joy

Elevate Kids' Celebrations with Our Party Bus!

Are you planning a memorable and exciting party for your kids? You don’t have to look any further than a party bus for kids if you are looking for fun. You can imagine how happy they will be as they experience such an exciting adventure with their friends. Our blog post will cover everything from safety to entertainment options on party buses for kids. Make your child’s special day unforgettable.

Why Choose our Rental Service

You can have the party bus delivered to your place or home. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning an elementary school party or a children’s birthday party, our fleet fulfills your required demand. Here are some other reasons why you pick us for your kid’s event.

Safety First

For children at parties, ensuring their safety is the number one concern. Our Party bus rental company prioritizes the welfare of their passengers above all else. They ensure that buses have safety features such as seat belts and child-resistant doors. We have trained drivers who put passenger safety first. They know the roads of the city which help them to navigate easily.

Age Appropriate Themes

When you are about to rent a party bus for your kids, you must think about the customized theme option. Because you know your child better and the preference of them. We offer a customized theme option for party buses. You can choose a theme like superheroes or pirates. It optimizes your child’s experience and they remember this day for a long time.

Entertainment Option

Our party bus for kids has many entertainment options to keep the kids entertained. Whether it’s music and dance floors or onboard gaming consoles and movies, the entertainment options are endless. There is also a dance pole available where your kids can show their dance moves. We inserted a disco light as well to create an energetic environment in the party bus. Also, we provide soda with ice as a refreshment option. You can also bring your own refreshment stuff. Some buses even have dedicated play areas and interactive games to ensure constant excitement. This means there is a proper gaming system available on the bus. Choose a party bus that suits the kids’ interests.

Snacks and Treats

Your party is incomplete without the delicious food and refreshment options. Our party bus also has unique options for your kids a refreshment options. We offer kid-friendly snacks and beverages.  From colorful cupcakes to healthy fruit platers all are available on the bus. You can also customize the menu depending on the preferences of your kids. Even some of the buses also have onboard kitchens to cook some fresh food.


Renting a party bus for kids is not just a luxurious experience but it is affordable too. Most people think that party buses are only for elite or corporate events but the reality is it is excellent value for money. When you travel in a group the cost per individual splits and each has to pay a reasonable price. When you rent our party bus your cost must be reduced and your kids enjoy a premium ride without breaking the bank.


party bus rental with pole

Opportunity for Pictures

A party bus rental is a unique experience for your kids. And you must want to capture these joyful moments on your phone. Since the interior of our party bus is luxurious we even customize it according to your preference. So there is a great opportunity to capture these memorable moments. You also hire a photographer who can click your pictures and make an album of your kids. 

Rent a Party Bus for Kids in Tampa

There are many places for children to visit in Tampa like Glazer Children’s Museum or Adventure Island. You can hire our party bus in Tampa for your kids to make their day unforgettable. We provide entertainment options for kids like different gaming options, a dance floor, and a premium lighting system. Do not worry about the safety of your kids, our professional drivers are well-trained to manage all the safety precautions.

How to Choose the Right Party Bus for Your Kids

When choosing a party bus for your kids, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The size of your party: Make sure the bus is big enough to accommodate all your guests.
  • The age of your kids: Make sure that your child’s bus has features suitable for his or her age.
  • Your budget: Party buses come in a variety of prices, so find one that fits your budget.

Tips for Planning a Kids' Party on a Party Bus

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Plan ahead: Book your party bus in advance to avoid delays. Especially if you want to hire a bus in peak seasons.
  • Choose a theme: You know your kid and choose the theme of the bus that fascinates the mood of your kid. So, decorate the bus accordingly.
  • Plan activities: Plan the different activities that make your kids entertain like games, karaoke and dancing competitions. 
  • Provide snacks and drinks: Provide plenty of snacks and drinks to keep the kids energized.
  • Take pictures: Take lots of pictures to capture the memories of your child’s special day.

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